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  • Jual CellMaxx (link)
  • On 12/02/2016

Jual CellMaxx

  • Lidi Geli (link)
  • On 12/02/2016

lidi geli

  • Chris While
  • On 03/02/2014

who is vikki?

  • Prite Prite
  • On 01/02/2014

Vikki, i'm thinking about you, all those things you said when I made my transition. I forgive you Vikki, you cant help what you are.

  • Mr. O. Scratch
  • On 01/02/2014

Well Victoria, we have everything prepared for you and are anxious for your arrival. We have some very special accommodations lined up just for YOU. Be seeing you soon!

  • Nero
  • On 28/01/2014

I care about you hun. Let's be friends again, how much money do you need to get well?

  • PastorBubba
  • On 28/01/2014

All the fake names and comments going with them are just as funny as the write up itself.

  • KatCountry
  • On 28/01/2014

Vikki I hope you make it to another birthday, I would like to make more videos celebrating your beautiful life!


  • BobsYourUncle
  • On 26/01/2014

Vikki, I know you told me that you don't have health insurance. As per our previous skype convo, I am willing to send a couple thousand $$$ to help you get well.

Love, Bobs

  • Bruce and Tommy
  • On 26/01/2014

Dear Vikki...Please die very very soon. Love always, Bruce and Tommy

  • Santa Claus
  • On 26/01/2014

Ho! Ho! Ho! Don't let the door hitya where the good Lord splitya!!

  • yourmotherinlaw
  • On 25/01/2014

Thank goodness you never gave me any grandchildren. Oh yeah and get well soon or maybe not.

  • LurkersAnon
  • On 24/01/2014

Vikki, get well soon. What will I do with my life if you die? I have obsessed about you for 3 yrs, and I have over 1 million screencaps of you. You are my reason for living. Stay healthy and get better soon!


  • Lilly
  • On 24/01/2014

Your contributions to Battlecam were invaluable, you were one of the best! Get well soon!

-Battlecam Lilly

  • you know who
  • On 24/01/2014


  • On 24/01/2014

You call a woman who is an alcoholic who has told people to die numerous times, who lies non-stop in her cast sweet? honest? loving? This is either a page set up by a troll for a joke or the person who set this up is VERY UNSTABLE like Vikki. I know after reading it I got a laugh.

  • GrimReaper
  • On 24/01/2014

Who made this and are you drunk? why is it filled with lies? Honesty and wisdom? Loving? LMFAO anyone who knows Vikki knows these words do not suit her. Most who are reading it are laughing.

  • Anheuserbusch
  • On 24/01/2014

This is a representative from Anheuser Busch, we heard you are a big fan of our products and would like to send you a free case of Budweiser to help you get well soon.

  • AlkiDavid
  • On 24/01/2014

If you are going to die, can you please do it live on Battlecam?

Alki David

  • priteprite
  • On 24/01/2014

well well, looks like the fat whoredawg will be visiting me soon, i see. this is what you get you fat evil cunt. see you in hell very soon.muhahaha

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