Welcome to Roses for Vikki,

This is a fun and peaceful-loving place to leave Vikki a get well wish.

For those of us who know Vikki, also known as Vikki40/70, we know that recently she has been going through several health issues. She is clearly going through a hard time and this is a free sweet place for her to receive warm wishes and loving messages from the people who have stuck by her throughout the years. Vikki has always been an energetic, fun, and loving person since her days on BattleCam. Vikki currently does lifecasting on VaughnLive, and has touched the lives of many people, just ask her closest girlfriends who deeply care about her! Vikki has been such an open book full of honesty and wisdom, and it has made people love her but also cause some controversy. Regardless, Vikki is known as one of the realest caster out there, exposing her entire life, even the bad times- which is why so many people out there love her. We wish Vikki a speedy recovery as she is dealing with these current health issues. We are praying for her to get all the proper medical care under the best doctors in her state. We are also hoping that Vikki gets on the road to good health very soon and is able to feel amazing again.

Please take a moment and leave a "rose" or message for Vikki in the GuestBook area. No hateful messages allowed. Please keep this a positive environment for Vikki and her family and friends. All negative comments will be deleted as quickly as possible. Thank you, spread the love.